In One Photo, the Oscars Show How White They Really Are

At this point, we're all familiar with #OscarsSoWhite, but for those who still may not have heard the news, the Academy Awards have you covered with the release of a class photo showing the 2016 nominees.

It's a perfectly blinding demonstration of the unbearable whiteness of being an Oscar nominee.

Press List/TMZ

Believe it or not, among the 155 nominees in fields across all categories, there was a grand total of one individual who was black, according to TMZ. Though outstanding achievement in film was the name of the game, TMZ said the situation was more analogous to "Where's Waldo?"

And before you strain your eyes too much, the answer is R&B singer Ab?l Makkonen Tesfayem, better known as the Weeknd.

In a zoom in, you could get a better sense of where he is. And... there he is... all the way in back.

Press List/TMZ

Turns out the Weeknd was right: The Hollywood hills really do have eyes — they just don't see people of color.