Here Are the 5 Best Apps to Help You Organize Your Life


Our lives are busier than ever before, and often revolve around our cell phones. You use your phone to communicate with others over email and text, map out directions and stay up to date on the latest news and your appointments — why not use it to keep all of that chaos organized?

An organized and planned life also comes with a whole slew of health benefits, such as less stress and more mental energy, according to Psychology Today. "You don't want a constant litany of the thousands of things you want to get done, but you need to be able to look over the whole list from time to time," Mark Bernstein, creator of organization tool Tinderbox, told the Atlantic. "Finding ways to make your information visible without letting it get underfoot is the big challenge."

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From a personal financial tracker to an app that simulates colorful and helpful Post-Its, here are the best organization apps for your phone — and subsequently your life:

1. Key Ring

Reduce the size of your stuffed wallet and heavy keychain by downloading Key Ring, a free app that keeps all of your loyalty cards (Starbucks, the grocery store, your gym) in a scanable digital form right on your phone.

2. Cozi 


Cozi attempts to do it all, combining and organizing multiple users' calendars and appointments, chores and shopping lists. Although made for family, it works just as well for couples, roommates and friends. 

3. Evernote


Keep every thought organized with Evernote, an app that collects notes, articles and lists from just about any device for every project. It's also super easy to present and share whatever it is you're working on using the app.

4. ColorNote

 If you think better visually, use ColorNote, which is like a giant digital wall that you can cover with Post-Its — only this wall goes with you wherever you go. And unlike a sticky note, the app also reminds you when something is time-sensitive.

5. Spendee 


Organizing your personal finances is a daunting task, especially when you can spend money with the swipe of a plastic credit card. Spend lets you set budgets in different categories, such as travel or food and drink, and it also synchronizes your transactions in real time. It also shows you the locations where you make each transaction right on a map.