Romney Costco Love: Mitt Romney and Ann Romney Shop at Costco, Just Like You People


As presumptive 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney rehearses his RNC 2012 speech, hoping that tropical storm-soon-to-be Hurricane Isaac doesn’t drown his re-introduction to American voters, he found the time to tell “you people” than he and Ann are just like the common folk.

On a Fox News Sunday interview, aimed to humanize Mitt Romney on the way to the Republican National Convention, and after a set of campaign gaffes, including Mitt’s infamous $10,000 bet to Rick Perry, and Ann Romney’s “you people” comment, Chris Wallace asked the aspiring First Couple, if it’s true that they have an “unhealthy attraction to wholesale retailer Costco. 

“We both love Costco,” Ann said. “It’s got great produce,” Mitt intervened. “She also got me one of these three-packs of shirts the other day from Costco,” the former Massachusetts governor added. “And they’re very nice shirts,” he assured.

Though the Romneys “Richie Rich” image may not resemble your typical Costco shopper, the aspiring First Lady seemed fairly familiar with the logistics of wholesale retail shopping: “You go in the door. You take a sharp right, and you go way down to the back of the store and just go — just shop the outside of aisles. Boom, boom, boom,” Mrs. Romney claimed.

The interview, conducted from the Romneys' New Hampshire home, seeks to do what all politicians – especially those deemed as “out of touch” try to do: humanizing the men and women who run for political offices as well as their families (First Lady Michelle Obama, for instance, is supposedly fond of thrifty yet fashionable garments; as well as of shopping at Target).

Whether these photo-ops help politicians (of either side of the aisle) or not, is yet to be seen. In Romney’s case, while it’s hard to believe the average voter would relate to someone who has his money in the Cayman Islands, the Costco claim is already being trumped by loyalist of his own party.

Sen. Kirk Dillard, of Hinsdale, Illinois, had this to say: “It shows the Romneys like to save money but also have a grasp on reality of what real people do,” Dillard said. “I want a president who looks for value.”