9 Ways to Propose to Your SO That Are out of the Norm — Take a Risk

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Every single moment of your relationship will probably be shared on social media, so, when you're thinking about how to propose to your boo, it's important to avoid clichés at all costs. A ring hidden in the dessert? So passé. A flash mob? That screams 2013. Here are some totally original ideas that will definitely blow him or her out of the water.

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1. Propose while you're doing laundry

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Nothing says "I love you and I want to be with you forever" like throwing all your dirty underwear in a hamper together. While he or she's loading the dryer, drop down on one knee. Or better yet, hide the ring in the lint trap.

2. Hide the ring in some takeout

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We all know that couples who are really in love never actually go out, they just order delivery. Get your takeout place to slip the ring into your usual order and then pop the question while bae is eating greasy General Tso's chicken on the couch. It's perfect!

3. Propose on Tinder


Come on, we all know you met online anyways, so why not propose on whatever platform brought you together? Send him a ring pic on Tinder and ask him to be yours forever!

4. Propose at the gynecologist's office

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Nothing says romance like being there to support your partner's birth control choices and reproductive health. Next time you accompany her to the gyno, you can spryly pull out that ring while she's changing into her exam gown.

5. In bed


Hanging out in bed is probably your favorite activity as a couple anyways, so why not propose in bed? Heck, go ahead and get married in bed — invite your friends and family to stand awkwardly around your bedroom while you exchange vows and then feed each other cake and get crumbs all over the sheets.

6. At the end of a CVS receipt

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You know how you always leave the pharmacy with like a super long receipt that has like a bunch of coupons or something at the bottom? Next time you and your boo go to CVS for some cold medicine and candy, write "Will You Marry Me?" at the bottom of the receipt. Hopefully they'll notice before crumpling it up and throwing it away, which is what they would be doing to your heart if they say no.

7. On an airplane

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Nothing says love and commitment like hurtling through the sky in a giant metal bird while in uncomfortably close proximity to sweaty strangers. Plus, if you propose on a plane, all the passengers will have to watch you just like when this couple broke up on an airplane and a stranger tweeted all about it.

8. At work

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Bonus points if you're revealing a secret office romance with a very public proposal in the middle of your office. Then make your co-workers clap while you hold each other passionately. Then go back to work.

9. At Red Lobster

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If it's good enough for Beyoncé, it's good enough for your fiancé(e). Hide that shiny rock in a basket of Red Lobster's cheddar bay biscuits and you'll blow him or her away.