Hurricane Isaac Path Bumps Donald Trump From RNC 2012 Tampa Convention


It looks like Hurricane Isaac told Donald Trump: you’re fired!

As Republicans scramble to save their quadrennial pageant from being drowned by storm-soon-to-be-hurricane Isaac, RNC 2012 speakers are being shaved off the original schedule of Mitt Romney’s coronation.

One of them is real state mogul and reality television star Donald Trump, who after flirting with a presidential run of his own, decided to endorse the 2012 presumptive Republican presidential nominee back in February.   

As recently as Saturday afternoon, the host of NBC’s The Celebrity Apprentice was supposed to make a “surprise” publicity stunt on the very convention floor – along with additional activities such as media interviews and meetings with top donors to the Romney campaign.

But imminent Hurricane Isaac has changed these plans, as convention officials canceled Monday’s events, forcing the prominent “birther” to either do something else or stay at home in New York City (no wonder Romney was in charge of delivering the birth certificate joke du jour at a recent campaign stop in Michigan).

However, the owner of the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants, didn’t spare kind words for Romney; whom he described as “very tough” but also with a “tremendous heart.” The mogul went on to tell Newsmax that Romney [and Ryan] will “save Medicare,” while Obama [if reelected] would “dissolve it” in the next four years.