Peyton Manning Just Explained the Expression on Eli Manning's Viral Super Bowl Face

While the entire Manning family was celebrating Peyton's Super Bowl win on live TV, Peyton's brother Eli looked like he really had to use the bathroom — or something — in a moment that will live on in Super Bowl infamy. 

Or, at least, as a mega viral Vine.


But now we finally know the truth about Eli Manning's seeming reluctance to join the revelry: Turns out he just suffers from what may be the most famous case ever of RBF, or Resting Bitch Face.

Peyton told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Wednesday night that Eli was just "kind of into the game as if he was playing it" and that he was "just as happy," but admitted Peyton's worn a "similar expression" during other milestones in his brother's life.

Milestones like when Peyton told him he was going to be the Colts' first draft pick 18 years ago...and when Peyton told him he was going to be an uncle to twins... and even when Peyton told him he was going to play football again after his debilitating neck injury. 

So there's your answer, America. Even famous NFL quarterbacks get RBF.

Watch the full video here: