RNC 2012: A Better Future is the Theme of the Mitt Romney Campaign, Keeping it Short and Sweet


What will be the theme of the Republican National Convention? Well, it will kind of be like prom, with the party theme “the future” attached to everything.

Some are wondering what the big take-away will be from RNC 2012. Obama had “hope and change” when he gave his epic Denver football stadium convention speech in 2008. Echoing that theme, RNC will similarly have “change” plastered on the wall in Tampa – except this time around it will concern change of a different kind, the changing of who holds the presidency.

American debt will also be a huge theme. RNC 2012 will feature a debt clock counting up the trillions of dollars in debt which the country has, a ticker similar to the U.S. debt clock located in the heart of New York City.

But the biggest theme echoed throughout this RNC will be “a better future.” That statement will fill each of the RNC’s four (well, three) days, setting the tone for the whole shindig.

The official Republican talking points being distributed to surrogates speaking on the party's behalf during the 2012 convention are below, as outlined on The Weekly Standard (spoiler alert: there’s going to be a lot of political rhetoric below):

Top Line Message Points:For four days, we will drive stories that will set the coming election in context -- both thematically and through compelling, real-life examples and through powerful, dynamic speakers.Overall Theme: A Better Future Monday -- We Can Do Better Tuesday -- We Built It Wednesday -- We Can Change It Thursday – We Believe in America The Republican Convention gives us an opportunity to present the American people with a clear contrast between the failed policies of Barack Obama and Governor Romney’s vision for a better future.The American people demand and deserve better, and we cannot allow President Obama to continue to run away from, or distract the American people from, his failed policies. The President’s failures have resulted in: High unemployment Lower take-home pay The weakest economic recovery since the Great Depression. In contrast to President Obama, we will advance specific policies that Governor Romney and Paul Ryan will implement to grow our economy, help businesses create more jobs and let American families keep more of what they earn.Governor Romney is uniquely qualified to be president at this critical time in our nation’s history. Family, the organizing principle of his life -- devoted and loving husband and father Business career -- Bain and the businesses he saved and jobs he created -- a defender of free enterprise Public service -- Governor of Massachusetts, rescuer of the Olympics Faith -- integral to his life Unprecedented ways to deliver our message and connect with tens of millions of Americans watching each night on television and countless others participating online:The podium/Stage, with its 13 LED screens, will provide maximum flexibility to enhance the program with live-stream videos, social network feeds, and panoramic and collage images. The screens allow the stage to be transformed into a factory floor or a Midwest farm.Convention Without Walls will utilize multiple social media platforms in ways no convention has ever before attempted in order to create community, engage with Americans and amplify the themes and messages from the convention.Americans across the country and around the globe (working mothers in the Midwest and soldiers stationed overseas alike) will be able to share in the convention experience -- unfiltered, uninterrupted and free of charge.From the convention, we expect: a renewed enthusiasm among supporters and important constituencies new opportunities to draw support from target communities upward movement in the polls

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