16 Weeks Later, Gas Company Finally Fixes That Insane Los Angeles Methane Leak

After displacing thousands from their homes, Southern California Gas Co. has repaired the Los Angeles methane leak, first reported in October.

According to the Guardian, the four-month leak emitted from a SoCalGas natural gas well will cost the company at least $250 million, but may have cost the environment far more. By December, 150 million pounds of methane had already escaped — the equivalent to 6.1 million tons of carbon monoxide. 

The leak has also taken a toll on the surrounding communities, with roughly 10,000 people relocating to avoid potential health hazards. Over winter vacation, the Los Angeles Unified School District moved nearly 2,000 students to different campuses to avoid the gas. 

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The next step for SoCalGas will be to investigate what caused the leak before it permanently seals the well. In the meantime, the company has paid for housing accommodations for residents who have relocated. 

One resident told the Guardian, "I want to get back to life as I knew it as soon as possible."