7 iPhone Apps That Will Help You Get a Better Night's Sleep

Sleep Genius

Technology improves our lives every day, but our phones, tablets and laptops can also be super distracting when you're trying to unplug and relax. Here are seven apps that will help you turn your phone into a sleep aid instead of a sleep enemy:

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1. Sleep Genius

Sleep Genius

Sleep Genius is an app that is designed to help you figure out your "perfect bedtime" and then keep it consistent. It wakes you up with 5-minute "revive cycles" that help you wake instead of jolting you up with a loud alarm. But the app is a little pricey, starting at $4.99 with premium features available for an additional $4.99.

2. Dormio


Dormio features soothing tracks to help lull you to sleep. The initial app is free, but additional tracks cost an extra 99 cents each.

3. To bed

To bed

According to this app's tagline, "there is no app to replace Mom, but when Mom is not around, this is the app to get you to bed!" To bed sends helpful reminders when it's time to start preparing to go to sleep.

4. SleepBot


SleepBot not only tracks your sleep, you can also set it to record sound (if you're a snorer or a sleep talker). It will also wake you up at the lowest point in your rapid eye movement cycle so it's easier to get up. 

5. Sleep Pillow Sounds

Sleep Pillow

If you can't fall asleep without white noise, this is a great app for you. With a variety of sounds to choose from, it should be easy to find the background noise that best helps you fall asleep.

6. Sleep Better 

Sleep Better

If you're eager to analyze all your sleep data, Sleep Better will track both the duration and efficiency of your sleep. It also includes a feature for recording and tracking your dreams.

7. Digipill


This free app isn't just for sleep, it also includes tracks to listen to for reducing anxiety, relaxing and feeling motivated. But there is a "soothing hypnotic lullaby" that is intended to set you up for a night of deep sleep.