7 J.K. Rowling Tweets That Prove She's the Headmistress of Feminism and Equality

Dan Hallman/AP

It seems too good to be true, but an eighth Harry Potter book will be available this summer. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child — based off of the script for a play of the same name, and the book is essentially the script in an accessible form — is a welcome return to the wizarding world for author J.K. Rowling. 

However, Rowling's presence has been felt in a similar magical world: Twitter. For years, she's championed for feminism and LGBTQ rights, taking out any ignorant cave trolls in her way. Here are some of her best Twitter moments. 

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Dan Hallman/AP

Rowling has made it clear that Hogwarts was a very inclusive school — one that would accept any and all people, including LGBTQ students: 

She's supported the gay marriage legalization in neighboring Ireland: 

As a follow-up, she challenged the highly controversial and much maligned Westboro Baptist Church for honing in on her — and absolutely destroyed them: 

Additionally, Rowling has backed up Emma Watson — who, of course, played Hermione Granger in the movie adaptations of the Harry Potter novels — for her own public support of feminism during her speech at the United Nations New York headquarters in 2014: 

Similarly, when Rowling cheered on Serena Williams for capturing her sixth Wimbledon title, she defended the tennis star from a misogynistic tweeter, who said the reason Williams is successful is because she's "built like a man." That has, unfortunately, followed Williams around throughout her career, but Rowling had her back:  

Though the initial tweet she responded to has since been deleted, Rowling's sharp take on disparaging, hateful comments on misogynists works perfectly as a broad, mic-dropping takedown:  

As the author of one of the best fantasy series of all time, Rowling has a huge following on social media, and she's used it to champion and support important social causes. Finally, a note of caution for the trolls and misogynists: Don't mess with her, unless you want your verbal takedown illuminated in the digital space for all to see.