Watch 'The Honeymooners' Get Fed Up With Donald Trump

An unwelcome guest can test anyone's patience but some guests are worse than others.

In a video that mashes classic 1950s sitcom The Honeymooners with footage of Donald Trump on self-congratulatory tangents, Trump tests the Kramdens' patience — especially Ralph's.

The roughly minute-long video uploaded in early February is a parody of one of the show's best-known episodes, during which Ralph unloads on his wife Alice's mother for her "blabbermouth" tendencies.

While watching the fictional Kramdens take on Trump may be satisfying, in reality, attacks on the real-estate billionaire's perceived arrogance have mainly backfired for his political rivals. The normally Republican-friendly National Review, one of the conservative movement's most storied publications, dedicated an entire issue to the case against Trump and mostly failed, while the candidate continues to post strong polling leads against most of his rivals.

Still, there's reasons to be thankful we live in this reality rather than the parody one imagined in the video, where Trump's running mate is none other than Richard Nixon.