11 Responses Black Twitter Had for 'Cosmopolitan' About "Hair Tattoos" as a New Trend

In another case of a brand attempting to call a long-standing black cultural phenomenon a "trend," Cosmopolitan tweeted that "hair tattoos" are what's next for hair enthusiasts. 

The problem is that every black person with a barber already knows about "hair tattoos" — and nobody calls them that. Cosmopolitan's tweet has since been deleted. The link it led to is now defunct, as well. 

Source: Cosmopolitan/Twitter

But the original tweet lives on in some responses. 

Black Twitter started the hashtag #CosmoHeadlines to imagine other ways brands might try to appropriate black culture to make a new trend. 

There you have it, folks. Whether it's cornrows, collard greens or "hair tattoos," just think twice before you try to spot a "new trend."