Nicole Snooki Polizzi is a Mom: 10 Tweets Welcome Baby Lorenzo to the Jersey Shore


Sunday night, Snooki gave birth to either a joke, a future party animal, the Anti-Christ, or a bouncy baby boy .... depending on who you ask. 

Oh, it seems like only yesterday when we first met Snooki, but it was nearly three years ago that she burst into the house of Jersey Shore — and our hearts — announcing, "The party's here!" 

And now our little Snooki is all grown up. She's moved out of her parents' home, co-starred in her own reality TV series, gotten engaged, and, just Sunday night, become a mother.




Snooki's brush with fame has been jam packed with cameras, arrests for public intoxication, endorsements for spray tans and cosmetics, and a constant stream of attacks from her critics. At every turn, though, and this where she wins my adoration, Snooki has brushed off the haters and continued to march forward with her distinct personal style and vivacity.

So it is fitting that even this precious moment in Snooki's life is subject to the same sort of bizarre public scrutiny that has followed her career: A delightful mix of snark, revulsion, and actual affection and joy for the Baby Lorenzo. Here are eight more tweets that tell you just what the world thinks about our little Snooki becoming a mother:































And how does Snooki respond to all of this? In perfect Snooki fashion, she's entirely too busy being insanely happy with her life and her family to even bother.