The Top 5 Reasons Why I Went Greek (And You Should Too!)


As the summer comes to a close, crops of freshmen begin loading their cars and moving on to their new lives as college students. When beginning college, you are faced with many new questions from your fellow peers – What dorm are you living in? What are you planning on majoring in? And, are you planning on going Greek? 

Coming from a large Northeast city where Greek life was not popular amongst college students, I originally did not plan on rushing a sorority. After much convincing from my suite-mates, however, I decided to go through with recruitment and could not be happier with my decision and with my amazing group of sisters. Here are the top five reasons why going Greek is the way to go: 


1. A sorority or fraternity should not define you, but instead you should define it

Greek life comes in a variety of sizes in college, from small intimate groups that resemble more of a school club, to an overwhelming populated way of life that nearly everyone you meet seems to be a part of. Gauge how important Greek life is in your school in deciding whether or not you should rush. At my school, Greek life serves as a great way to make new friends and be involved in my college community, but also is not vital to partake in in order to have an active social life – a great mix that was important for me, and most other potential new members, to have.

 2. “There's a Sense of Belonging in Sisterhood or Brotherhood

A sorority gave me somewhat of a sense of belonging, which is often something most nervous freshmen struggle with when beginning their college life. Every sister feels that no matter what effort they make whether big or small, it never goes unappreciated. Whether I have needed emotional support, academic aid, or simply someone to share lunch with, a sister has always been there for me. Although you will not become best friends with every person in your chapter, it is commendable how many of your fellow peers really define what a supportive sister/brother really is.

3. You Learn How to be a Leader

There is no doubt that Greek life breeds and develops new leaders not only in their chapter, but in their community as well. In a Greek organization, you are a part of a bigger purpose and always have the opportunity to be involved in planning, organizing, and executing activities ranging from large-scale philanthropy galas to bake sales in the quad. This year I served as an officer for external philanthropy and had my entire chapter of sisters counting on me to implement successful events. Greeks are heavily involved on campus no matter where you are, as it was their Greek organization that first introduced a sense of loyalty, responsibility, and punctuality within them.

4. It'll Help You Get a Job

Everyone assumes that sorority sisters and fraternity brothers only congregate to party together, but Greeks no matter on the school, often hold the highest GPAs for student organizations. Motivated individuals are easily found throughout Greek community, and along with their academic success come great employment experiences. This summer, I happened to obtain my internship through the help of a sister, and am planning on reaching out to another recent grad who currently holds an amazing career similar to what I am looking to do. Successful alumni are aplenty in the Greek community and they are always willing to help and mentor younger sisters/brothers of theirs.

5. Greek Life Has a Lifetime Guarantee

Finally, sorority sisters and fraternity brothers are for life. Your life as a Greek student fortunately does not stop once you graduate from college, but continues to provide guidance and support for you in a multitude of ways for years to come. If you are moving to a new location, there is bound to be a group of sisters in a regional chapter willing to welcome you into their town. If you are looking for a new job, there are many alumni who will get you the right connections. The abilities each sister/brother learns are meant to be used in everyday life and will help them achieve greatness.

Speak to your school’s Panhellenic Association or Inter Fraternity Council to learn more about Greek life and when they are holding recruitment!