Crutch Fight in Times Square Video: Tourist and Homeless Guy Do Battle

People are going nuts over this video showing two guys locked in crutch match. Apparently the man with the crutches is homeless, and the guy he's attacking is a tourist. Hey, welcome to New York. 

I don't see what the big deal is here. Anyone who spends enough time in Times Square or Midtown in general will see four, five, maybe six good crutch fights per week. I'm sorry to say, this wasn't even one the 10 best crutch fights I've seen. Once, I witnessed two fruit vendors crutch-smash the hell out of each other in a classic turf battle, and the only reason they had the crutches in the first place is because they had already broken each other’s femurs in a previous, crutch-less battle royale. 

What was especially amusing was the security guard at the 30 second mark making the most half-assed attempt in history to stop a fight. Don't believe for a second that he wanted to see an end to the combat. Everyone, and I mean everyone, loves a crutch fight. Forget all that fencing stuff at the Olympics. Crutch fights may very well be the next generation in gladiatorial competition. 

Or at least, it better be.