Palm Reading is Not a Hoax: Here is How it Works


Editor's Note: This is the second part in a multi-part series on the art of palm reading. For part 1, see here.

Greetings to all. I want to discuss the significance of the right and left hand to palmistry. You probably know that the left side of the brain is our rational, mathematical, language, and reasoning side. From the left side of the brain, we see the world in functional ways. This is all reflected in the lines on the palm of the right hand. Your right hand is the sum of all your acquired skills, knowledge and abilities in life. It reflects your experience. It is the doer of our two hands.

On the opposite right side of the brain are our image, musical, spatial, and holistic centres that reflect our wonderment, conceptual ideas, and abstract views of the world. Consequently, the lines on the left hand palm show our inborn talents. The left hand palm reflects changes in our aspirations, desires, and ambitions. It’s the dreamer of our two hands.

The left hand palm is pivotal to any potential change in life. The right hand palm shows the skills we have and the bare reality of today. Thus, a skilled palm reading will take account of this Yin and Yang when making any determinations. The left and right hands read together show an integrated self.

Remember this; all your abilities and talents that were innate within you when born show out on your right hand. However without the dreams and aspirations of the left hand, all the skills you possess are useless. The signs of the left hand are necessary to empower the abilities contained in the right hand. That is why some people can overcome challenges very easily because of the power they possess through the right hand with the destiny of the left. However, some with strong right hand skills can overcome the lack of destiny they appear to have with sheer determination in life. You can overcome your lack of destiny and fate.

Usually, the lines on your left and right hand are similar. When they are similar, your talents and efforts are probably in balance and you are reaping the rewards. If, however, the lines on both hands are different, your may not be utilizing your right hand talents to their best degrees, and may even be in personal turmoil, that needs to be resolved.