How to Ask Someone Out on a Date (It's Simpler Than You Think)


Even with the advent of dating apps and technology that makes meeting people easier than ever, asking someone you like out on a date can still feel like treacherous territory. Luckily there is lots of good advice out there about how to (and how not to) ask someone out.

Whether it's in person or online, simpler is better when it comes to asking someone out. "Tell them that you enjoy their company and would like to see more of them," Petra Boynton, a sex and relationships columnist for the Telegraphwrote in her advice column.

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You can't go wrong by being honest and sincere — even if you haven't met in person, just saying you like chatting with someone and want to spend time together IRL is totally sufficient. But whatever you do, don't use any of these terrible pick-up lines.

Boynton also suggests proposing a specific time and place when asking someone out. "Invite them to something at a specific date and time — a walk in the park, a coffee or lunch together or perhaps seeing a film. Do what suits your budget and feels comfortable for you," Boynton said. "Being specific about what you'd like to do also means they need to give you a definitive answer — so you know where you stand."

Saying "let's hang out sometime" might not go anywhere, but saying "do you want to grab coffee on Sunday" requires a yes or no answer.


Give them some time to say yes or no after you ask them out, but don't freak out if the response isn't an immediate yes.

"Be sure not to hound the person afterward for a definitive answer," advises LoveIsRespect, an advocacy group that works to combat dating abuse. "It is not uncommon for someone to be embarrassed by the request and to give an ambiguous answer in order to avoid the awkwardness of rejection. Give this person space and allow your relationship, in whatever form it may take, to progress naturally."

Rejection can sting, but it's infinitely better to take a "no" gracefully than to get angry with someone for not feeling your vibe. And if they say yes when you ask them out? Then congrats! Here are some fun ideas for a second date (if it happens).