Michael Jackson Birthday: 7 Ways the King of Pop is Still Bad


On August 29, 1958, history was made with the birth of a child prodigy who would go on to become the king of not just pop, but of all music; Michael Joseph Jackson. Jackson recorded some of the most innovative, awarded, and lucrative music ever –– many of his albums went double platinum or more. The little black boy from Gary, Ind. would go on to amass a legion of die hard fans around the world that come from a variety of diverse backgrounds, but share the love of his music. More than a singer, Jackson was a true visionary and dynamic performer that helped revolutionize the music industry with his timeless tunes and fearless style. The icon did, however, face his share of controversy during his shortenedtoo-short lifetimelife that ended abruptly in June 2009. 

Although he passed away three years ago, Jackson's presence is still felt everywhere, making him a legend in every sense of the word. In honor of his 54th birthday, here are seven ways that MJ keeps reminding the world why he's still Bad

1. He has a (new) movie 

No stranger to the big (or small) screen, Jackson will be making another appearance on a TV near you. To celebrate the upcoming 25th aAnniversary of Jackson's Bad album (which went 8x platinum in 1987), acclaimed director Spike Lee is premiering his documentary Bad25 on the "creative vision" behind the album. The film will air on ABC this Thanksgiving.

2. He has a (new) book 

Jackson was known just as much for his outlandish style as he was for his outstanding performances. Costume designer Michael Bush wrote King of Style: Dressing Michael Jackson as an homage to the artist he often collaborated with toon createcreating his unforgettable looks. Whether it was rocking a red leather jacket or a single, glittery glove, Jackson's confidence always made any outfit he dawneddonned the epitome of cool for those who tried to be like Mikel. 

3. He (still) parties

It's no secret that Jackson was beloved by everyone, especially internationally, but his small hometown, Gary, Ind. might love him the most. In addition to the parties happening around the world to celebrate Jackson's birthday, Gary will be hosting their annual celebration to mark this important day in pop music history.

4. He's making (new) music

Even though he died three years ago, that hasn't stopped him from doing what he does best; making music. His old songs are still getting updated in fresh remixes and hise previously unreleased singles are making their way intoto the public. 

5. He's bBreaking rRecords

Living or dead, the man was always a legend, and he's still breaking records to prove it. In addition to his many previous entries in the Guinness Book of World Records, Jackson gotwas added in once again for winning in four new categories including highest-earning deceased artist and most expensive jacket sold at an auction.

6. He's mMaking mMoney

Speaking of being the highest-earning deceased artist, Jackson is still making money. Just this year, his estate turned a profit (which might explain why his family is going nuts to get their hands on it). He's so good at it (even posthumously), Forbes writer Zack O'Malley Greenburg has announced his plans to write a book entitled Michael Jackson, Inc to discover how he was (and is) able to make so much money.

7. He's often imitated, but never duplicated

Every few years, a young artist is touted as the "next Michael Jackson" (ahem, Chris Brown), but let's be real; no one does it better than the man himself. Try as they might, they just don't compare.

We'll never get another one quite like him, but there's still hope for the future ...

Even the great one had to start somewhere.