Kim Kardashian Revealing Saint West on Her App Shows How Far Her Career Has Come


The world met North West two months after her birth, when Kanye West revealed the first image of his daughter on his step-mother's short-lived daytime talk show, Kris. Fast forward two years, when every single Kardashian and Jenner lady has a website and lifestyle app, while the squad's most successful, Kim Kardashian West, is readying one of her biggest social media posts of the week. 

This time, it's not about a waist trainer, her husband's fashion line or recent album, her Kim Kardashian: Hollywood app, or even a viral, headline-producing video of her first-born shouting "no pictures!" No, no, Monday was a special day for the Kardashian family — the reality star finally introduced her second child and first son, Saint West, to the world wide web. 

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While North was first shown to the world on television, likely in an effort by the Kardashian matriarch to pick up her show's first – and final – season's ratings, Saint's introduction was done in a much more personal way to the celebrity family's fans.

The very first place the newborn's image was found was Kardashian West's official app – not to be confused with her mobile gaming app. Only the star's most loyal fans were able to catch the first glimpse of Saint, as Kardashian West charges her app users $2.99 a month to have access to behind-the-scenes content.  

Shortly after, the photo became available on Kardashian West's website, along with the message: "Today is my dad's birthday. I know there's nothing more in the world he would have wanted than to meet his grandchildren. So I wanted to share this pic of Saint with you all."

Finally, the TV and social media personality uploaded Saint's photo to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, providing the internet its biggest story of the day. It was a smart move, one likely deliberated and carefully maneuvered by several social media experts and some of Kardashian West's business advisors. By initially uploading the image on her app behind a paywall, fans who were on the fence about authorizing another charge to experience more Kardashian-themed content might finally take the plunge.

Certainly, the first photo of her son will also get people talking about the 35-year-old's latest career endeavors. The Kardashians are building their success around their children, with Yeezy telling Q Magazine he schedules all of his meetings around his six-hour playtime with North. Meanwhile, Kim K has spoken publicly about motherhood on several occasions, speaking about her candid experiences with breastfeeding and maintaining her post-baby body. The two continue to find ways to keep fans endlessly entertained by even their most trivial pursuits, from Ye's confusing Twitter rants, to Kim K's hair changes and contouring.

Like it or not, it appears as though the Kardashian and Jenner families have found a grip on their constantly exploding fame. Rather than testing new waters with daytime talk shows or sci-fi novels, the social media superstars seem to be zeroing in on their fans, focusing on where their most loyal followers are flocking, and rewarding them for their devotion. 

For the social media mogul, tech entrepreneur, reality star, executive producer and selfie enthusiast, having a second child has become another lucrative part of Kardashian West's business prospects. And she's already hard at work.