Pavel Golovkin/AP

This "Digital" Sundial Is Super Modern — and Can Be 3-D Printed, too

This might look like a digital clock, but it's actually a modern sundial.


Sundials — ancient instruments used to tell time —  typically are made of stone or metal. But this sundial, designed by Mojoptix, can be made by a 3D-printer using the design plans

The tiny holes on the sundial ensure that, as the sun shines through it, the device projects a digital read of the time. 

A video from the sundial's creators show it's progress from idea to prototype to fully realized invention.Mic/YouTube

It may seem simple, but it's not. 

The holes inside the the mechanism are intricately layered and direct the light through as the sun moves, according to the Mojoptix blog.

This "digital" sundial tells the time in 20-minute increments, and obviously it only works outside. But, on the bright side, it never needs its batteries replaced.

Pavel Golovkin/AP