Oregon Football Ex Quarterback Nate Costa Says Oregon Cheerleaders Have Gotten Uglier: His Comments Are Tasteless


In 2010, Nate Costa led his Oregon Ducks to an undefeated regular season. 

The Captain of his team, he also was voted his squad's Most Inspirational Player during that campaign. However, that inspirational team captian who Ducks coach Chip Kelly called "one of our best leaders" decided to let his true colors show on Twitter recently.

It's hard to be completely offensive and tasteless in 140 characters or less but this past Monday Costa did his best, attacking the physical appearance of the Oregon cheerleading squad, which he claims has gone down hill in the last few years.

Now who is he talking about? Oh yeah these ladies: 

Maybe Costa took one too many hits to the head in his playing days because the Oregon cheer squad has garnered almost universal internet fame. Busted Coverage (among others) has called them the hottest cheerleaders in college football. 

Current cheerleader Bridget Case didn't let the former big man on campus get away with his comments. She replied to his initial tweet:

Which I felt was a pretty tame response to being called ugly. Let's see how our wordsmith coverd his tracks:

Basically, Costa is saying here, "Hey, baby, you're not fugly but those other girls ... boy oh boy." Make fun of cheerleaders all you want but Case continues to be the bigger person.

For a 5'2'' lightweight this girl gets the knockout punch on Costa. For a full look at his attempts to backpedal check out his full Twitter feed.

I have no problem with people having opinions about things. I personally dislike spaghetti. However, I do have an issue with Costa criticizing the physical attributes of cheerleaders. Instead of helping the recently ranked No. 5 Oregon Ducks get pumped and focused on the upcoming football season, the former captain decided to criticize and call ladies ugly. Poor form from the former Most Inspirational captian.

Maybe this all boils down to that Cosa wasn't invited to the recent Triangle Lake Party. Because Puddles, the mascot, looks pretty happy with some of the squad.