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Here's What Movies and TV Shows Are Coming to Amazon Prime in March 2016

If Netflix binging has become a daily fad for you and your roommates during winter 2016, the struggle of finding something good to watch has certainly become all too real. Luckily, the 'flix is not the only streaming service offering constantly updated selections over the course of the chilly season. 

Amazon will offer a slew of new films and TV series on its Prime streaming service throughout March, including classic movies like The Seven Year Itch starring Marilyn Monroe and 1984's original Ghostbusters. Meanwhile, Amazon Prime continues to wet its feet in original programming with the second season of Bosch, based on the critically acclaimed detective novels by author Michael Connelly, premiering March 11.

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Amazon Prime is offering a slew of new shows and movies to watch in March on its streaming service.Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Check out everything arriving on Amazon Prime for your binge-watching pleasure in March, provided by Decider:

Ghostbusters (1984): March 1

Ghostbusters 2 (1989): March 1

American Psycho: March 1

The Diary of Anne Frank: March 1

Land Before Time 2: The Great Valley Adventure: March 1

The Seven Year Itch: March 1

The Rules of Attraction: March 1

The Story of Ruth: March 1

The Gunfighter (1950): March 1

Wicked Lady (1945): March 1

The Blue Angel (Kino Restored Edition) (English Subtitled): March 1

American Psycho 2: March 1

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari: March 1

For Better, For Worse (2011): March 1

Raw Deal (1948): March 1

Tempest (1928): March 1

Attila, Il Flagello Di Dio (English Subtitled): March 1

Black Magic (1949): March 1

Love Play: March 1

The Courage of Black Beauty: March 1

Josephine and Men: March 1

The March Hare (1956): March 1

The Golden Stallion (1949): March 1

Days of Sin: March 1

I've Gotta Horse: March 1

Angelique Et Le Sultan (English Subtitled): March 1

I, Mobster: March 1

Affair in Havana: March 1

Now and Forever (1956): March 1

The End of the Tour: March 3

Gattaca: March 3

Marc Maron: More Later (2015): March 3

Hans Crippleton: Talk to the Hans: March 4

Deet N Bax Save Th' World: March 5

Regression: March 5

Seven Wonders of Brazil: March 7

Earth: The Inside Story: March 12

Prevertere: March 15

The Big Short: March 15

Arthur & George (Season 1): March 20

Beyond the Reach (2014): March 20

Mojave: March 22

71 (2014): March 27

A Single Shot: March 28

Misfit Garage (Season 3): March 1

Mail Order Moms (Season 1): March 1

What History Forgot (Season 2): March 2

Alvin & The Chipmunks: Road Chip: March 4

House of Horrors: Kidnapped (Season 3): March 4

Motives & Murders: Cracking the Case (Season 4): March 4

Louie (Season 5): March 4

Say Yes to the Dress (Season 14): March 5

Paranormal Lockdown (Season 1): March 5

Naked and Afraid (Season 6): March 7

Return to Amish (Season 5): March 7

My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding (Season 5): March 7

On the Case With Paula Zahn (Season 13): March 7

Monsters High: Great Scarrier Reef: March 8

Legendary Motorcars (Season 3): March 9

Bering Sea Gold (Season 6): March 10

Bosh (Season 2): March 11

Raised Human (Season 1): March 13

Brooklyn: March 15

Concussion (2015): March 15

Deadly Demands (Season 1): March 15

Death Row (Season 1): March 15

Gold Rush – The Discovery of America (Season 1): March 15

In the Heart of the Sea: March 15

Little People, Big World (Season 15): March 16

The Willis Family (Season 2): March 16

Awkward (Season 5B): March 16

Yukon Men (Season 6): March 19

Boston EMS (Season 1): March 19

Legend (Season 1): March 22

Deadliest Catch (Season 12): March 23

How It's Made (Season 20): March 25

Orphan Black (Season 3): March 27