Mia Love Blasts President Barack Obama at RNC 2012 Kick Off in Tampa (VIDEO)


Mia Love was introduced to the Hurricane Isaac 2012-hit Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida, with a video that told the compelling story of this proud daughter of Haitian immigrants "who never took a handout from the government."

Besides the fact that Love's parents arrived in America "with ten dollars in their pocket," the video revealed additional information about the newest Republican rising star -- such as the fact that she is an accomplished fitness instructor as well as the mother of a close-knit bi-racial Mormon family of five. Love is the mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah, as well as the 2012 Republican nominee in Utah's 4th congressional district. If she wins, she'll become the first black Republican congresswoman ever. 

Love came on stage on Tuesday at the RNC 2012 kick off and delivered a short but passionate speech. "The America I Know," highlighted the values of  “self reliance” and “personal responsibility.” Love also blasted President Barack Obama for what she thinks is the president's vision of America as "a divided one ... where we are pitted against each other, based on our ethnicity, gender and social status.” 

Love’s speech came after soporific lectures by House Majority Leader John Boehner and RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. She also preceded Keynote Speaker New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, and aspiring First Lady of the United States Ann Romney. However, Love is already the highlight of the Republican convention.