Here are 7 Leg Exercises That Aren't Squatting

Brent Lewis/Getty Images

Everyone who works out knows the pain of #LegDay, but, believe it or not, there are other exercises besides squats to help you work out your leg muscles and get your blood pumping.

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Here are seven other options for leg workouts that aren't just squats, so you can shake up your exercise routine.

1. Lunges

Brent Lewis/Getty Images

Lunges, which involve stretching one bent leg forward and one behind, engage several leg muscles, including the quadriceps, glutes and hamstrings, according to

2. Leg swings

Leg swings, which are pretty much what they sound like, are a good stretch for loosening up leg muscles. Do them by swinging your leg forward and backward or side-to-side.

3. Calf raises

Calf raises, which involve using your calf muscles to lift your body weight, stretch and strengthen your calves.

4. Warrior pose

Lots of yoga moves exercise your leg muscles, and the warrior pose, much like a traditional lunge, engages quadriceps and hamstrings while also incorporating balance and breathing.

5. Hip raises

Hip raises, which involve lying on your back and lifting your body upwards, engage your leg muscles and can be done without any special equipment.

6. Split jumps

Split jumps require tons of engagement from your leg muscles, because you're using your legs to propel your body up and off the ground. Split jumps can also be done while holding dumbbells.

7. Glute hamstring raise

This exercise requires a partner, or something heavy to hold down your feet while you use your legs to lift your upper body. Feel the burn by trying to do this one in slow motion.