12 Kourtney Kardashian Instagram Posts That Show She's a Cool Mom, Damn It


Don't worry, she's not like regular moms. She's hip to the kids' lingo. She's up on the cool apps. She's Kourtney Kardashian, cool mom, and she has the Instagram account to prove it. Thus the reality TV star joins the ranks of fellow cool moms FLOTUS, Beyoncé and certainly her sister Kim Kardashian West, all mothers who would never, could never embarrass their kids on the internet.

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She takes her kids on cool, intergalactic outings, Instagrammed for posterity.

She also gets to sit up front at Kanye West's fashion shows.

And gets photographed by paparazzi.

So she can get away with Minnie Mouse onesies on a Friday night.

And pose in her kids' playroom, again in fashion mouse ears.

And post collages of their baby photos, about which they definitely won't get fussy during their teen years.

Because they are celebrity babies in a celebrity family, and this is their life.

It doesn't look too bad.

Even if they don't particularly want to see pictures of their mother exercising in gold lamé, because mom, you're embarrassing us.

They're going to need to get over that discomfort, because Kourtney is a cool mom, and they are Kardashians, damn it.