Scott Walker RNC Speech: Obama's You Didn't Build That Quote Fires Up GOP Super Stars


Scott Walker added to the conservative fervor on Tuesday night, as the Wisconsin governor gave a keynote speech on the first big night of the Republican National Convention.

Walker — who has been a critical player in American politics this year with his anti-public union policies in Wisconsin … leading to a recall election on June 5, which Walker survived — energized the Republican crowd by emphasizing free market policies and a lessoning of government’s hand on the economy.

Some key Scott Walker Quotes:

"On June 5, voters got to decide who was in charge ... was it the government special interests or the hardworking tax payers. On June 5, the tax payers won."

"The last couple of years have been pretty tough. Unemployment in Wisconsin had topped in over 9%. But because of our reforms, unemployment is down and the economy in the state is growing."

"People, not governments, create jobs. Sadly the federal government seems to be going in the opposite direction."

"Now more than ever we need reformers, leaders who think about the next generation, not the next election."

Walker's presence at the RNC is critical. Many Republicans believe that the key to winning election 2012 hinges on using the same strategies — and policies — Walker used in the lead-up to his June 5 recall election. Since Walker championed an end to public unions, more conservative politicians have pushed his policies in their own states. Anti-public union policies have sprung up in states like Ohio, California, and Tennessee. Some analysts have thought that anti-public union policies would become the trademark of the Romney-Ryan campaign. 

As stated on The Catholic Labor Network: 

public-sector trade union (or public-sector labor union) is a trade union which primarily represents the interests of employees within public sector (government-owned, supported or regulated) organizations. Public sector unions have become some of the larger or more influential unions in certain areas of the world in recent times due to easier corporate opposition to private-sector unions.Such unions are highly controversial among conservatives who advocate for the downsizing of the public sector and blame public sector unions for running up large state deficits.

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