Justin Bieber Poses Nude for the Cover of 'Clash' Magazine

Jordan Strauss/AP

Pop crooner Justin Bieber is back in the news for nude photos — but this time they were taken with his full consent. The 21-year-old singer posed naked for Clash magazine's 100th issue, which will go on sale Friday, according to the magazine's website.

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Along with the revealing photos, Bieber sat down for an interview with Clash. An Instagram post of the upcoming issue's cover shows Bieber on the beach wearing nothing but a hat. 

In October, photos snapped by paparazzi of a naked Bieber frolicking on vacation in Bora Bora surfaced.

Jordan Strauss/AP

Bieber's look has undergone several transformations over the course of his career, and he seems happy to show it off. "Blondes do have more fun," he told Vice i-D back in November.