Bernie Sanders Action Figure Means He Could Soon Battle the Decepticons of Wall Street

It might not be long before you can fulfill your dream of taking a pocket-sized Bernie Sanders with you anywhere you go, thanks to a campaign to give the Democratic presidential candidate his very own line of action figures.


"My Bernie" is a spot-on likeness of the Vermont senator, boasting, as Toyland snarked, "more realistic hair than Trump."

To fund your ultimate dream toy, Brooklyn product design firm FCTRY launched a Kickstarter, which has already reached its $15,000 goal with more than a month left in its campaign. According to the Kickstarter page, some of the money earned will go to Sanders' campaign.

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During previous elections, FCTRY made action figures in the images of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Pledge $75 and you could get all three! Who wants to play "Situation Room?"

FCTRY's promotional images don't seem to include any accessories for the doll, so might we suggest the following: a tiny copy of Karl Marx's The Communist Manifesto, a Bernie sandwich and a teeny tiny dartboard with Henry Kissinger's face on it.

Watch the commercial, featuring a jingle that might sound familiar to some of the older millennials among us, below: