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Hate Milk? Here Are The Calcium-Rich Foods You Never Knew Helped Build Bones

Ugh, milk. The nemesis of some 30 to 50 million lactose intolerant individuals nationwide. The possible bringer of early death, according to a 2014 study. Potentially also a saboteur of clear complexions. Also, in a less dramatic vein, a great source of vitamins, healthy fats and, of course, calcium. But for those people who can't or won't consume products made from milk, are there other sources of calcium out there that will help strengthen bones? Indeed there are. 

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Looking to the National Osteoporosis Foundation and Health magazine, we compiled a list of calcium-rich foods that can replace milk in a balanced and nutritious diet. Turns out, there are many of them. No need to ever pour a glass of milk again. (Unless it's night milk.)

Get out of here, milk.Carissa Gan/Unsplash


· Almonds (but, tread lightly: sky-high almond consumption rates are sucking California dry.)


· Kale (worth the hype, nutrition-wise)

· Collard greens

· Bok choy

Green vegetables

· Broccoli 

· Broccoli rabe 

· Edamame/soy beans (also a source of estrogen, which both men and women need)

· Okra 


· Oranges 

· Figs 


· Canned sardines 

· Canned salmon 

· Canned shrimp (just be careful when it comes to the shrimp's source)

· Tofu 


· White beans

· Baked and canned beans