Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Have No Drama — And She Wants Fans to Know It

Chris Pizzello/AP

Pop star Selena Gomez is fed up with talking about her ex Justin Bieber, and she's not afraid to tell her fans to lay off. In a since-deleted Instagram video from earlier this week, Gomez sang along to Lil Wayne's "Single," cheerfully saying to the camera "I sure did go through that motherfucker's shit." Then she yelled, "I'm single!"

Fans immediately took the video as evidence of bad blood between the 23-year-old singer and Bieber, and apparently left comments implying as much.

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Gomez snapped back in the comments section of the post. Gomez reportedly wrote, "That's a joke. I was singing back to Lil Wayne. My life isn't about my ex," and "I want to delete my Instagram. There's no drama. Everyone else creates drama," before she deleted the whole post altogether, reports Seventeen.

Chris Pizzello/AP

Gomez may have good reason to feel annoyed with fans: She's her own woman with her own career and she doesn't want to talk about Bieber all day, is what she seems to be saying. 

Imagine if thousands of people kept asking you about your ex on all of your Instagram posts! No wonder she's threatening to delete her account.