Ron Paul Supporters: The GOP Has Not Really Incorporated Libertarian Views Into Their Platform


Many line-toeing Republicans have been touting consolation prizes for Texas Congressman and libertarian champion Ron Paul and his followers in the forms of changes to the GOP platform. While the work that went into creating the written platform consists of very long hours and negotiation, the simple truth is, they don’t accurately reflect how the elected politicians will act upon retuning to office. 

For example, the following is an exchange during an August 27 breakfast meeting and is viewable on the Christian Science Monitor’s website:

Question: “The Republican platform is circulating about in different copies [online and in print formats],” said conservative political editor John Gizzi. “Based on the reports you’ve seen, is this a good document to run on fully, and in particular, the parts about auditing the Federal Reserve, number one, and the review of government agencies as to their efficiency without calling for shutting them down. Are those things you feel that Republican House members can run on comfortably?”

Answer from GOP Speaker of the House John Boehner: “Well, I have not seen the platform, but from every indication that I’ve heard I don’t see any major changes in this platform from what we have had in the past. And if it were up to me I would have the platform on one sheet of paper. Have you ever met anybody who read the party platform? I’ve not met ever anybody.”

Sounds like a pretty important piece of party business to me. All of these articles that you read about how the GOP is giving Ron Paul his due by amending the platform are just giving lip-service to the American GOP voters. They are trying to appease Ron Paul supporters and sucker them into voting for R(igged)omney. Guess what? It's not gonna happen, no matter what Newt Gingrich says.

When will Republican and Democrat voters wake up and see that this is all a charade. It's a big money spend and power grab. No one in any political position actually cares about you, the platforms, or following up on what they say in speeches. They do not care.

John Boehner has just provided one more piece of evidence to that fact. Wake up people. Join the third party revolt against the "American Political Duopoly."