Hurricane Isaac 2012: Storm Raises Gas Prices By As High As 14 Cents Across the Nation


While Hurricane Isaac has only hit New Orleans, the rest of the country is starting to feel its wrath, too. Gas prices have ben rising sharply, almost 5 cents a gallon nationwide, but as high as 14 cents in some states on Wednesday. The price increase comes after the hurricane reduced the output from refineries around the Gulf Coast. Eight refineries have been affected, cutting off one-eighth of all the countries oil-refining capacity. Yet all eyes are on the levees as people wonder if the storm could turn into Hurricane Katrina part two.

With winds only at 80 mph, however, the storm shouldn’t cause nearly as much destruction as the other famous hurricane. Hurricane Isaac is only Category 1, while Katrina was a level 3 when it hit New Orleans seven years ago. Since that fateful day, much has been done in preparation for another natural catastrophe like it, giving people reassurance that they’re ready for anything. On the bright side, Hurricane Isaac should pass without destroying too much in its wake.

Nonetheless, residents in Louisiana, North Texas, and even the Midwest, find the inflated gas prices are the worst part of the storm. Labor Day is around the corner, meaning people will be hitting the road to celebrate their last vacation days. These gas price increases will be affecting drivers from all over. 

For now, it seems like everyone can remain calm about gas prices, too. Experts are hopeful that the price hike won’t last long since the storm shouldn’t have winds strong enough to do permanent damage to the refineries. Plus, many oil refiners have learned a lesson from Hurricane Katrina and already have ways to bounce back faster from any damage caused by storms.

That’s good news for the rest of the nation. It looks like the only thing people need to worry about now is all the hot air at blowing at the RNC instead.