Watch Sam Smith Sing "Writing's on the Wall" at the 2016 Academy Awards

Sam Smith had some huge shoes to fill on the Oscars stage Sunday night. Some of pop's biggest names have sung — and absolutely owned — their own James Bond theme songs: Adele, Paul McCartney, Nancy Sinatra.

Smith's "Writing's on the Wall" is far from the greatest Bond song written. Yet while performing, he mostly pulled it off. He didn't look shaken in the slightest, though it didn't exactly stir the audience.

"It feels like the ultimate film song," Smith said of receiving the honor to record the Bond theme a recent interview with the Associated Press. "It was on my bucket list as my ultimate dream."

"Writing's on the Wall," may not have even been the best song offered for this year's Spectre. In December, Radiohead shared the theme they wrote titled "Spectre," which didn't make the cut, despite a large group of publications claiming it far superior to Smith's.

His performance also had pushed out two other artists nominated who could have performed — including the Oscars' first trans nominee for best original song, Anhoni. A lot of people on Twitter are wishing they could've switched places.

Watch the full performance below.

Source: ABC/The Verge