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How Do You Pronounce Saoirse Ronan's Name? Here's Ryan Gosling to Explain

The 88th annual Academy Awards are upon us, but fans of one film star in particular are still having trouble pronouncing her name. Saoirse Ronan, pronounced Ser-sha Row-nin, is nominated for best actress for her role as Ellis in the 2015 drama romance Brooklyn.

Ronan received pronunciation help from The Notebook's Ryan Gosling at the Hollywood Film Awards in November. "Since we're all here, I thought we should all go over it," the actor said in front of the Los Angeles crowd. "It's not Sayor-see or Seer-say or even Sorcery, but it probably should be. It's Ser-sha, like inertia."

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The 21-year-old actress is aware that her name is difficult for the average citizen to pronounce, according to People magazine. The struggle was particularly real Oscars night.

"Someone sent me a photo two weeks later of a cinema in Minnesota, and on the sign in the front it said Brooklyn and then underneath it said, 'Ser-sha, like inertia,"' the Irish actress told People. "I couldn't believe it! They actually put it on the front of the cinema, so the power of Ryan Gosling is stronger than anything else."

Ronan will be competing against Brie Larson for her role in Room, Cate Blanchett in Carol, Jennifer Lawrence in Joy and Charlotte Rampling in 45 Years for the best actress award.

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