This Bird Has Ninja Moves — And the Internet Is Obsessed


You've probably witnessed this epic beating:


But likely not this one:


This is a secretary bird.

They live in sub-Saharan Africa and stand around 4 feet tall. While Muhammad Ali was taller than 6 feet, it's not certain who would win in a fight. The birds can serve around a whopping 45 pounds of force in their kick, which is about the force of an Ali punch. 


Just like humans, secretary birds get aggressive when they're hungry.

"Anything that's basically small enough to be chased down, kicked, disabled, swallowed, it's on the menu," Campbell Murn of the Hawk Conservancy Trust told Reuters.  

The bird's strength is so great scientists conducted an experiment to study the biomechanics behind its kick.

First, they coaxed a secretary bird named Madeleine to attack a rubber snake. 


Then, the bird's legs summoned a force of over five times its body weight and essentially massacred the rubber snake. 


Bottom line: Don't cross Madeleine. 

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