How Long Does Organic Makeup Last? Here's How to Keep Your Paraben-Free Makeup Fresh


Whether or not you want to blame or thank Gwyneth Paltrow, organic makeup is on the rise. Truly certified organic makeup means the ingredients included are totally clean and without "pesticides or fertilizers" or genetically modified organisms, Harper's Bazaar reported. 

But every new product, once it's cracked open, becomes a hotbed for bacteria and loses its effectiveness over time, according to health and wellness store Rodale's. Preservatives such as parabens — which have been undeservedly deemed as bad for your skin by some — are there to kill the actually bad bacteria and mold, Into the Gloss reported. So what are the guidelines when it comes to keeping organic (aka paraben-free) makeup fresh? 

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Basically, treat the organic cosmetic product like food by sticking it in the fridge, the Huffington Post reported. Preservative-free products have a shorter shelf life, and will usually last three to six months. Changes in smell and color may be signs makeup is going bad. 

Some products have a small icon located on its packaging that indicates its shelf life, according to Rodale's. 


Most cosmetic companies, including those who make all-natural or organic makeup, put their products through a microbial test, which checks the presence of microorganisms, according to Good Housekeeping

Using an expired product on your skin could cause infections, rashes or breakouts, according to Good Housekeeping