What the Biggest Stars of Nickelodeon's '90s Shows Are Up to Now


We all know what became of '90s Nickelodeon stars: All That's Kenan Thompson is now a Saturday Night Live staple while Nick Cannon — who also acted on the show — has married and divorced Mariah Carey in addition to acting, producing and writing for television and film. Amanda Bynes also hit the big screen before having a very public meltdown years ago. 

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Many Snick favorites have stuck around in some capacity, while others have disappeared. Nickelodeon stars of the '90s, where are you now?


1. The Petes of The Adventures of Pete & Pete

Mike Maronna (aka Big Pete Wrigley), Brooklyn, New York, native and oldest of two Petes on The Adventures of Pete & Pete, is still active in the industry — but not as an actor. He's worked as an electrician on Elementary, Nurse Jackie, Ugly Betty and the first Sex and the City movie, according to IMDb. He also appeared in Slackers and 40 Days and 40 Nights. Before he took up the role of Big Pete, he played Jeff McCallister in Home Alone and its sequel.  

Danny Tamberelli (aka Little Pete Wrigley) played Maronna's little brother on Pete & Pete. Throughout the '90s, he popped up in various kids' movies and TV shows, voicing Arnold Finkelstein on The Magic School Bus, playing Tommy in The Mighty Ducks and recurring on Nickelodeon's All That until 2000, according to IMDb. He also appeared in 2002's Igby Goes Down, but doesn't do too much acting these days.

Andy Kropa/AP

As Flavorwire reported, Tamberelli currently plays in two bands, Jounce and Every Good Boy. With Maronna, he hosts a podcast called The Adventures of Danny & Mike; he's also been known to call out the governor of his home state (New Jersey) on Twitter.

2. Lori Beth Denberg of All That

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Lori Beth Denberg was another All That fixture between 1994 and 1998; from there, she went on to the Steve Harvey Show, according to IMDb; she also appeared in 2004's Dodgeball. As ABC reported, Denberg is developing a web series entitled Peaked and can officiate weddings, having become an ordained minister in November 2015.

Most recently, Denberg signed on for Goody Goody, a series that follows the lives of five colonial women "struggling to survive in their newfound celibate community."

3. Kel Mitchell of Kenan and Kel

Arnold Turner/AP

While Kenan went from Nickelodeon to movies to SNL, his Kenan and Kel costar and fellow All That alum, Kel Mitchell, has traveled a rockier road. As he told People in October 2015, he felt as though he'd "hit a wall" by the early 2000s, with the cancellation of Kenan and Kel and the end of his marriage to Tyisha Hampton. 

He struggled with substance abuse but ultimately pulled his life back together and returned to Nickelodeon, where he now appears on Game Shakers. He and Kenan revived their much-loved "Good Burger" skit (which turned into a movie in 1997) on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in 2015, putting an end to rumors that the former co-stars were feuding. 

4. Larisa Oleynick of The Secret Life of Alex Mack

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Remember that girl who, following her accidental involvement in a chemical spill, was left with the power to melt into a puddle of silver goo, use her mind power to move objects and zap people with her electric touch? That was Alex Mack, aka Larisa Oleynik. 

After the Secret Life of Alex Mack wrapped in 1998, Oleynik enjoyed mass '90s popularity, according to Flavorwire. She had a brief stint on Boy Meets World as Shawn Hunter's love interest and played Joseph Gordon-Levitt's girlfriend on 3rd Rock From the Sun. According to her IMDb page, she also popped up on Pete & Pete in 1996. Her most famous role, though, has to be Bianca Stratford in 10 Things I Hate About You, again as Gordon-Levitt's love interest.

These days, Oleynik's still acting, albeit less actively. According to IMDb, she recently appeared in Pretty Little Liars and in Mad Men as Ken Cosgrove's wife.

5. Marc Summers of Double Dare

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Nickelodeon game shows of the '90s were a thing of beauty. Marc Summers, ubiquitous adult supervision for Nickelodeon specials, hosted both Double Dare and What Would You Do? In 2001, as Zimbio reported, Summers launched from Nickelodeon to the Food Network, where he served as the host of Unwrapped, a show that explores how the country's favorite snack treats are made. 

He's primarily a producer now — of Food Network shows Dinner: Impossible, Food Feuds and Restaurant Impossible — but also had a guest spot on Workaholics in 2011, according to IMDb

6. Kirk Fogg of Legends of the Hidden Temple


Not all Nick game show hosts were as lucky as Summers. Kirk Fogg, host of the amazing Legends of the Hidden Temple, didn't make a huge name for himself post-Nickelodeon. He wrote, directed, produced and acted in two films — Yeah Vous! (1998) and Distortion (2006) — and, in 2013, he appeared in a Volkswagen commercial, according to Zimbio

He also ruined the magic behind Legends when he spilled all its secrets in a Great Big Story video, revealing the inner workings of Olmec and the somewhat disconcerting identity of the temple guards for former viewers everywhere. Thanks, Fogg.