How to Eat Healthy Without Being Hungry All the Time


Amy Schumer summed up exactly how we all feel about healthy eating when she shared a conversation she had with a trainer about her diet for Trainwreck during her comedy special, Amy Schumer: Live at the Apollo.

"'It's sounding like at times I will be hungry,'" she said to him. "'Did I miss a couple courses in there...?'" On how celebrities stay in shape, Schumer said, "That's Hollywood's secret, I found out: They don't put food in their faces."

Healthy eating is often associated with extreme dieting, and can feel like being stranded on a deserted island with nothing but a head of cabbage. But there are plenty of ways to eat healthy — get your daily recommended nutrients, cut down on refined sugar, yadda yadda — without submitting to the brutal torture that is hunger. 

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Eat filling, nutrient-packed foods. Some of the most filling foods are those high in nutrients, nutritionist Beth Kitchin, an assistant professor at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, told Everyday Health. She recommended filling up on vegetables when you're hungry and eating a high-fiber breakfast like oatmeal. Studies show that people eat roughly the same weight of food daily. 

So when you're hungry, don't just sit there thinking about being hungry. It'll only make you more ravenous when you make it to your fridge after a long day of starvation. Grab something high in nutrients and low calorie that'll fill you up and keep your digestive system occupied. 

Snack all day. If you're one of those people who's either eating or thinking about eating at all times, meet the two-hour diet in which you eat smaller portions every two hours and supposedly lose weight. The diet recommends eating a light breakfast like fruit, eggs or nut butter and then snacking on small meals like a handful of nuts, a protein shake, grilled chicken or salad with low-fat dressing every two hours. Livestrong laid out a daily eating schedule for this diet that looks doable and even satisfying.

Share. It's easy to avoid junk food at home if you don't buy it, but nobody's safe in the outside world with to-die-for dessert menus at your favorite restaurant and free donuts/cupcakes/cake in the kitchen at work for yet another birthday. Instead of depriving your sweet tooth altogether, split the damn donut with a friend. You'll only get half the calories and half the remorse later.