Ohio Farmer Spends 4 Hours Writing Massive Anti-Donald Trump Message in Cow Manure


We don't know much about the brave Ohio farmer who spent four hours writing "No Trump" in cow manure on his property over the weekend.  We do know his name is Jerry Slanker — and that he's making America great again.


WEWS-TV traveled to Strasburg, Ohio, on Monday to interview the 69-year-old cattle farmer, and the resulting clip is a gem. We don't learn why he dislikes Trump so much, or who he's voting for instead. We don't even learn if he's voting at all.

All we really know is, he's a man with a passion for the First Amendment, a lot of manure and plenty of free time on his hands. 


"I know there's a lot of people maybe not agreeing with me, but that's their American right," he said of his message — which can be seen by airplanes flying overhead. "I just voice my opinion and not yours."


Strasburg's granddaughters voiced pride in their grandfather's handiwork and its unambiguous political stance in advance of Super Tuesday. "We're from ... a very rural farm county, and that's the way we do things around here," one told reporters, laughing.

God bless the great state of Ohio. And God bless the United States of America.

h/t WCMH