This Exercise Bike-Meets-Laundry Machine Is Actually an Evil Trick


While slaving over a load of laundry, shlepping a pile of clothes to and from your washer and dryer, have you ever stopped, looked up and thought, "You know what? I really wish I was exercising right now"?

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Well, you dear, masochistic friends, the future is now. Behold an invention that combines two of the worst expected adult activities: doing laundry and exercising. (And no, we're not kidding.) 

Dalian Nationalities University via Tuvie

Based on renderings, the Bike Washing Machine, also called "BiWa," looks like any regular bike at the gym from the front. But upon viewing from the side, reveals room for clothes, water and detergent. In this futuristic hellscape, it's going to take breaking a sweat in order to adequately clean your dirty laundry.

While some publications tried to put a fun spin on this, saying it "puts a new spin on spin cycle," we are calling it like it is, which is torture. 

Dalian Nationalities University via Tuvie

Pure torture. 

The bike designs are not new, having been first revealed in 2014, but the product is having a viral resurgence thanks to... we're still scratching our heads as to why. Especially because all signs point to the bike not actually existing.

"Riding a bike is a popular exercise, washing laundry is something that you might do on daily basis or at least once a week... so why not combine them into a single useful equipment/appliance?" the gang of designers asked in their original announcement. 

Dalian Nationalities University via Tuvie

The answer to that question may be because we don't hate ourselves.

What should immediately concern you is the size of this laundry compartment, which is quite small. And in this case, that means more exercise. Thanks, BiWa?

The invention calls to mind a similar product, Drumi, a device that was trying to get you to push a pedal to conduct enough electricity so you can could do your laundry... because apparently we weren't all born in the 20th century for a reason. 

Since there's no official word yet on when (or even if) this torture device the Bike Washing Machine will hit the market, please take the time appreciate your current laundry situation, because one day we all might have to take a spin class in order to have clean clothes.