Donald Trump Supporters React to His Super Tuesday 2016 Landslide

John Moore/Getty Images

Real estate mogul and presidential hopeful Donald Trump's supporters are a rowdy bunch, and they certainly know how to throw a viral party. These two facts were learned on Twitter after the Trump's landslide victory on Tuesday, when the Donald won seven out of the 11 voting states while Texas Sen. Ted Cruz won three and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio won Minnesota. 

It was a joyous occasion for his apparent fans, proving to the rest of the country — and to people around the world, many of whom are watching in utter disbelief — the Trump campaign is more than just a reality star's ego trip: it's a force to be reckoned with. 

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After it was announced the GOP frontrunner took home the state of Massachusetts, one supposed fan celebrated with a cartoon created by Ben Garrison, which depicts Trump as a fearless warrior dressed in a knight's uniform, slaying a giant green dragon with the words "Political Correctness" emblazoned on its side. 

John Moore/Getty Images

Behind Trump, a woman with a pink dress screams, "You brute! You killed him!! You big bully!! You racist!! You sexist!! You're not a nice person!! What a man!" 

"@RealDonaldTrump You keep it real with the American people." The Twitter user wrote Tuesday night. "Thank you!"

#AlwaysTrump became a trending hashtag as his victories were announced: 

Ouch. His fans took Trump's victory as a moment to lambast his opponents:

One man wearing a "Make America Great Again" Trump campaign hat even recorded himself excitedly voting for Trump Tuesday night, and uploaded it to Twitter. When he clicks the button next to "Donald J. Trump," he turns the camera back on his face, grinning ear-to-ear. "Yay, I did it!"

Of course, some weren't as excited by Trump's victories and were also vocal about their #SuperTuesday thoughts. One tweet seems to perfectly sum up this group's collective disagreement with Trump's fanbase: