These Hilarious Reverse-Pick Up Lines Will Help Get Those Creepy Dudes Away


We've all been in that unfortunate spot: Between a creep at the party and the wall.

But now, thanks to feminist poet Desireé Dallagiacomo, we can get out of it. 

How? Spew a drop-off line ... or two. 

In her hilarious poem "Where Did You Get That Pickup Line? You Should Drop It Right Off," Dallagiacomo offers a range of snarky lines to get those annoying dudes off your back. 

According to her website, Dallagiacomo is an award-winning poet who ranked highly at the 2015 Women of the World Poetry Slam, the 2014 Individual World Poetry Slam and the 2014 National Poetry Slam.

Here are 10 great drop-off lines from the poem. Use away:

Excuse me sir, are you the moon? Because I need you 238,000 miles away from me.

You make me want to go to Hogwarts, so I can make you disappear

Oh my God, you're so funny ... looking.

Are we at the rodeo? Because this conversation is bullshit.

Your advances and excess touching and jokes are all so funny I decided to tell them to my lawyer.

If I had a nickel for every time I heard that line, I would throw them all at you.

You want to know how I got these guns? Working out, because I'm terrified of violent masculinity.

You remind me of 1919, the way I don't have a say in this.

You and my bra have something in common. You're both annoying and make everything less enjoyable.

Watch her full performance below.