The "Business Bulge" Is Here to Solve All Your Gender Pay Gap Concerns


Are you a woman in the labor force? Are you struggling to get the raise you deserve? Maybe it's not the fabled confidence deficiency that's holding you back. Maybe it's another deficiency entirely.

Or so says the creative mind behind the Business Bulge, a product that offers women the necessary enhancements to level the playing field.

Well, not quite., and the product it ostensibly peddles, is the satirical work of Clark Hoffman, meant to start a conversation about gender income inequality. The disparity between the salaries of men and women remains a thorn in the side of women across the United States. Today, an American woman can expect to earn roughly 78 cents for every dollar of an American man. The figures for black and Latina women are even worse. 

"The Business Bulge is a fictional product," Hoffman wrote on the site. "What's not fictional is the fact that in 2016, women still earn less because of their gender. That's not just wrong. It's embarrassing. Politicians aren't addressing the problem, and CEO'S [sic] need a reason to act."

The website than encourages people to support the cause by using the hashtag #StopDickingAround, directs people to the website Young Minds 4 Gender Equality.