Abortion Rights Activists Rally in Front of Supreme Court for #StopTheSham Protest

Susan Walsh/AP

Pro-choice activists headed to the Supreme Court on Wednesday afternoon as the hashtag #StopTheSham began trending worldwide, hoping the court would strike down Texas' legislation which has already shut down the majority of abortion clinics in the state. 

The pink uterus costumes some demonstrators showed up in were the unofficial mascot of Wednesday's Supreme Court hearing. 

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Susan Walsh/AP

The uteruses arrived at the courthouse pretty amped up:

Some even came donning the uterus mascots as hats:

It was all eyes on the Supreme Court Wednesday afternoon, as the uteruses continued rallying:

Others came adorning uteruses on signs reading, "Let Women Choose" and "Get The Hellerstedt Away From Me!":

Meanwhile, #StopTheSham was trending all Wednesday afternoon across Twitter, as users spoke up about women's rights and pro-choice sentiments: