Donald Trump Roasted on ‘SNL’ With “Racists for Trump” Ad


Saturday Night Live cut straight to the unfortunate truth about Republican frontrunner Donald Trump's mostly white fanbase with an all-too-apt parody campaign ad during Saturday's show: "Racists for Donald Trump.

The sketch presented SNL actors as real people, engaged in ostensibly innocuous activity: doing their ironing, painting a house, hanging out at home, hauling wood to a pickup truck. But as we spend a little more time with these apparently average Americans, we learn that they're swastika-sporting Nazis, card-carrying Klansmen and women — proud white supremacists all. 

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That's not why they support Trump, though — at least, that's not why they say they support Trump. He's a "winner," they offer, "authentic," a credentialed negotiator. But as the old saw goes, their actions speak louder than their words.


"He's not some cautious politician. He says what I'm thinking," one woman explains, folding back the white garment on her ironing board to reveal a pointed hood and the emblem of the Klu Klux Klan — a group certain Trumps have historically supported — emblazoned on the chest. 


"He's definitely not P.C.," a man says, sitting beside a fire roaring in his hearth, onto which he casually tosses a book from the tall stack standing next to him.  


"So why do I support Trump?" another says, "Three words: Good. At. Business." The business he is implicitly referring to, it seems, is the business of making America white again — also the business of the hooded figures dancing around a cross blazing in the background.


Watch the full video below.

Source: NBC