President Obama Calls Latest OJ Simpson News a "Spectacle" on Par With the 2016 Election


After news broke on Friday that the Los Angeles Police Department was investigating a knife found buried behind O.J. Simpson's estate, the story made major waves — all the way to the White House. President Barack Obama on Friday compared the hoopla over the knife to the ongoing 2016 presidential election, calling both a "spectacle." 

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"I thought it might be useful to take a small break from the spectacle of the political season — and now I gather O.J. — to focus on something that really matters to the American people, and that is, how is the economy doing," President Obama said, speaking to press after a meeting about the economy, USA Today reported. Apparently the comment made Vice President Joe Biden, sitting next to the President, laugh.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest said that the president had caught the news on television as he walked by the Situation Room. Apparently the idea that the 24/7 cable news cycle is currently jumping between GOP candidates comparing penis sizes and a potential new development in a decades-old murder trial is somehow funny to the President.

Kris Connor/Getty Images