Donald Trump Forcefully Removes Protesters From Louisiana Rally


During a Friday rally in New Orleans, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump ejected Black Lives Matter protesters and encouraged protesters to shout "USA!" over them. 

Throughout Trump's appearance, he silenced his opposition by looking out into the crowd, pointing at people making noise and asking, "Friend of foe?" When he identified potential protesters, he'd signal Louisiana police officers to eject them from the rally. 

After he spoke for over a half hour, Trump was interrupted by Black Lives Matter protesters. People in the audience began to boo the protesters as Trump fed off their passion. 

Protestors held signs that said "STOP HATE" and "YOUR HATE IS KILLING PEOPLE." They chanted "Black Lives Matter" and "Love Trumps Trump." 


Trump equated protesters putting their raised fists in the air to "swinging" their fists around, insinuating the protest was violent. He then riled up the crowd by pointing out that if his supporters hit back, they'd be labeled villains. 


While trying to eject them, he asked the crowd. "This is so cool, don't we love it?" He then chanted "U-S-A!" to drown out the BLM voices. The protesters and the rally-goers began to shout back and forth. 

As they were ejected, rallygoers booed and gave protesters thumbs down signs. 


Many of the protesters seemed to be roughly handled. 

Predictably, rallygoers countered BLM's shouts with "All lives matter!" — which is not a thing

"One thing I can tell you, we have passion," Trump said. "You know, they used to call it the silent majority, now they call us the really loud, really noise majority." 

As the protest continued, Trump riled up the crowd and harangued the media for turning to film the protest. 

"Look at those cameras, how they're turned!" he screamed. "They never, ever turn. They will never show how big the crowd is unless there's a protester because they're the most dishonest people you'll ever see." 

Frustrated with how long it took police to eject someone from the rally, Trump told authorities, "I can't believe that in Louisiana it takes this long. What's going on here? That's not good for your reputation, I have to tell you." 

Trump then made fun of Sen. Bernie Sanders for allowing two Black Lives Matter speakers to commandeer his microphone at an August rally in Seattle. 


"My speaker will never be taken over folks," Trump said. "It's you, it's you that are speaking," 

Yes, they are speaking. They really are.