Meet the Tattoo Artist Who Inks People With Self-Harm Scars for Free


After a friend showed Whitney Develle her self-harm scars, the 22-year-old Australian tattoo apprentice realized she had the potential to use her skills to help not just her friend but dozens of others who had once struggled with self harm. 

Develle took to Facebook, offering free tattoos to cover up scars, and the feedback was overwhelming. In a Facebook post, Develle wrote that due to the volume of requests she's received she can't accept any more. But in total, she'll provide 50 free sessions and offer discounts for others who have self-harmed and are still interested in her services.

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According to Australia's 9 News, Develle will begin her free sittings on March 17. In the meantime she shared her friend's before and after photos on Instagram. Develle told the outlet, "[Afterwards] people were asking her about her tattoo. The scars became irrelevant — a thing of the past."

(Editor's note: The photo below depicts self-harm scars and may be considered graphic.)

"Society looks [down at people with self-harm scars] and immediately thinks they are unstable or unfit to be amongst the rest of us," Develle said. "I want to change that stigma."