Tupac Shakur: New Music and Handwritten Notebooks From Late Rapper Sold on Craiglist


Three notebooks filled with lyrics and ideas and a few CDs with unreleased tracks from the legendary late rapper Tupac Shakur were bought from someone originally just responding to a Craigslist ad for baseball cards, according to TMZ. Coincidentally, the seller's dad used to work for Tupac, and had some leftover merchandise to clear out. 

The items are now for sale on autograph-dealing site Moments in Time. The "Point the Finga" music notes are expected to rake in at least $35,000, according to TMZ.

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"These 3 notebooks, until, now totally unknown, contain many lyrics in Tupac's handwriting, both released and unreleased songs, are a remarkable discover," the post on Moments in Time said. "The CDs also contain both known and unknown material. Price on request."

Moments In Time

Tupac's relatives, including his mother, want to block the sale. 

The handwriting in the notebooks match the same handwriting as letter Tupac wrote from jail in 1995, according to TMZ . That letter was also sold by Moments in Time and had a price tag of $225,000.