7 Legit Fitness Blogs to Follow to Get in Shape for Summer

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There's a swarm of fitness bloggers out there on the vast internet who armed and ready to share their workout tips, personal journeys and healthy recipes. But for some, uttering the very title of "fitness blogger" conjures up unattainable and somewhat abstract #FitnessGoals, detoxes and mirror selfies in workout clothes.

In January 2015, Vogue called wellness the new "luxury lifestyle." Thankfully, there are still fitness bloggers who are more relatable, providing health insight and inspiration — aka fitspo — that's easier to work into our lifestyle. 

Ask Lauren Fleshman

Since she started running at the age of 13, Lauren Fleshman has many years and many miles under her feet. Her blog is a resource for all things running, such as boosting iron and how to recover from a bad race "like a badass." Her blog is split into a journal and a Q&A section, so her personal entries are separate from her fitness advice. 

The Fitnessista 

Gina is not your typical green juice, diet food-only fitness blogger. She's a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor (for zumba and barre body), military wife and weight loss specialist who started her blog after losing 40 pounds. The blog consists of recipes made of "whole, unprocessed foods" and short but effective workout routines. 

Tony Gentilcore

As co-founder of high-performance training facility Cressey Sports Performance, Tony Gentilcore shares his coaching knowledge on his blog, but also frequently contributes to Men's Health, Women's Health and Men's Fitness. On his blog, he writes about how to properly weight train for the best results and no injuries. 

Fitness on Toast

Swedish personal trainer Faya started her fitness lifestyle blog for her clients but now uses it to share nutritious recipes and training tips for the public, ranging from how to make your own almond milk to staying healthy in the office. Every post also has incredibly colorful photos, making it easy to lose track of time while scrolling. 

Kayla Itsines

Australian personal trainer Kayla Itsines' pink fitness blog started her own company and workout routine aimed at women's bodies. Her posts on food, life and workout tips range from the motivational to the delicious. 


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Cassey Ho is a certified fitness instructor and is also the creator of POP Pilates. She has a variety of workout videos and recipes that aims for convenience and ease to promote a healthy lifestyle. 

Plus Size Princess

CeCe writes about healthy living and self-love on her lifestyle blog, which includes workouts and really visually pleasing photos of food. She promotes "fit" over "skinny" with her motto "Don't wait on your weight."